End of the year

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End of the year

Post by mattesque »

ok getting close to the end of the year. what awesome thing did you do this year? big, small, tiny, what ever. what are you rather proud of. what felt really rewarding?

one of mine is starting this place :)
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Re: End of the year

Post by swiitsh »

I worked on video games in a professional setting for the first time, and it was in the studio that made me realise back in high school that a career in audio for games is something that I can pursue : back then, Riot Games did a short documentary on the localization process for the French version of League of Legends. It's been a few years since, so it's only after my internship started that I remembered this video, and it felt very weird (in a good way) to watch it again in the very same room where most of it was shot.

I got to do dialogue editing for some of my favorite games, and working there helped me understand my value as an audio worker (impostor syndrome and all that).

Internships are great ! :D
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