Hello Budapest, can you hear us?

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Hello Budapest, can you hear us?

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You need to have watched Eurovision in the 80s to get that reference.

Hello all for Sweden! It’s Rob Bantin here from Ubisoft. We have an audio-tech team of five people working directly on the Snowdrop engine, and support various game projects within Ubisoft that are using it. We are growing fast, so if you are an audio programmer at any level I’d like to hear from you. Even if you feel you aren’t ready right now, let’s see what we can do to develop your skills - and who knows what could happen.

https://www.massive.se/job/audio-progra ... 791308323/

Stay frosty.
Robert Bantin
Audio architect of the Snowdrop engine at Ubisoft (Massive Entertainment)

I used to be a rockerboy but now I’m a techie
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