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Re: Welcome!

Post by alessandrofama »

Hello and thanks for this forum. The sight of phpBB made me very nostalgic!
Alessandro Famà | Audio Programmer
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Re: Welcome!

Post by usdivad »

Hiyall! And thanks Matt for putting this together!
David Su
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Re: Welcome!

Post by DanCostello »

Discovering this place was a bit of nostalgia I didn't expect this morning. Hey!
Dan Costello
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Re: Welcome!

Post by AdamGubman »

Hi everyone!!! I hear this is the coolest new hang in game audio - thanks for making this available...hope to get to know y'all better!!!

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Re: Welcome!

Post by megancarnes »

hi i made an account on here and then instantly forgot about it. but now i remembered and am back! so hello, thank you for putting this together, matt!
Megan Carnes (she/her)
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Re: Welcome!

Post by mhasselbalch »

Hello. It's been quite a while since I've been to - or let alone seen - such a forum. It brings back memories. I used to love this type of online chatting. Thank you for creating it. Cheers.
Marc Hasselbalch. Sound artist. Copenhagen, Denmark.
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