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Put out a sample library. Feedback loop stuff.

Posted: Tue Jul 18, 2023 5:59 am
by mattesque
I published a sample library of feedback loops. Zero input mixer feedback stuff.

First time doing this. Let me know what you think and please help spread the word.

Re: Put out a sample library. Feedback loop stuff.

Posted: Fri Jul 21, 2023 6:15 pm
by mattesque
a deeper write up about this.

along with the ambient and electronic genre musics I make, I'm also a fan of making noise music. and back in 2017 I put out an album of zero input mixer feedback songs. this is a style/technique where you plug a mixer back in on it self making the signal loop back on it self. that along is just a massive wall of high pitched feedback if you leave it be. so the interesting part is when you put a bunch of guitar pedals or other processing gear in that loop and start "playing" all the knobs and try to tame the chaos. it's completely a performance based style of music making. you have to constantly be making adjustments and tweaks to keep interesting textures going while not allowing the feedback to run away from you. for the most part it comes out very. harsh, it is noise music. but you can find moments to hold the line and create really interesting things sonically.

so when I put out my album, one of my sound design friends said they'd like to use it within their work. and yeah I thought making it into a sample library would be pretty cool. and why not make all the new samples loop while I'm at it.

that turned into a long term very back burner project for me. I put all the album songs into a DAW session to cut up.

every once and awhile I'd open up the session, chop out a piece of a song and edit it so it looped. I didn't do any other processing. I left it as raw and noisy as it originally was. I just focused on taking the interesting moments and looping them. I didn't pay attention to time or tempo (maybe I should have :) ). I just found bits that felt like a good length for whatever it was.

I did that for awhile with no focus on when I wanted to be done. I ended up with 73 loops which felt like a good amount of stuff for a sample library. I exported it all and thought I was close to being finished.

and then I found a whole ton of files clicked at the loop points. sadness happened. so I put it aside for awhile. I showed it to a couple people but didn't work on it for a long time.

this year I decided to actually finish it up. I put all the loops into a new session. figured out my previous export problems causing the ticks and started relooping everything to eliminate the problems.

when I was getting close to finishing, I made up a cover with my very minimal GIMP skills, researched writing up a very simple EULA, figured out metadata tagging and UCS naming and figured out where sell it.

I went with Gumroad instead of one of the large sample library sites cause I wanted to keep as much control as I could. this means a way smaller reach but it means I can move at my pace and not have to wait on anyone. I can set prices to make it very accessible but allow users to pay more if they want

so far has been not much reaction when it comes to sales. but I'm not surprised by that. no one is promoting it but me. and social media is madness right now so who knows really what's making it through to people. and it's a very niche weird library.

but I did it! I actually got it out which I'm super happy about. I've got another library that I'm 75% done recording so I've learned some stuff for that which is great. it's a more traditional music focused (but still something for sound designers) library so maybe that'll have more interest.

I'm going to price that on the low end as well. these aren't a financial focus for me. certainly nice to make some money :) but it's mostly about just making things and putting them out there. just like all the music I make.

I do hope if you're a sound designer or musican you check out the library and maybe pick it up. if you do please let me know what you use it in. would love to know where the sounds get to.

the original album that started it is at